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Back Office, Training & QA Analyst

Bogotá, Colombia

Job Type

Full time / 100% On site

Job Description

Monitor calls from the different campaigns daily, conduct post-sale supporting and following up on existing orders and support the onboarding process for the new hires with regards to the processes, products and systems used by the agents, aimed to boost productivity, guarantee the correct procedure in the calls, and enhance the product and processes knowledge among the sales team.


Duties & Responsibilities


·       Complete Quality Assurance and coaching sessions reports on a weekly basis

·       Escalade scenarios where the corresponding procedures were not followed in the correct way to whom corresponds

·       Participate in the weekly alignment with supervisors to structure the correct procedures in operation

·       Deliver and execute local onboarding and primary sales training for the new hires

·       Support the designing and development of content by providing key information and data

·       Review orders under 2-2-2 model to follow up on orders that have not been completed to provide additional support to final customer.

·       Review potential flags due to bad processes conducted during the sales interactions.

·       Report disputes on orders not completed due to third party issues.

·       Log contacts and tasks assigned with detail of outcome of interactions




High school diploma

English level: B2+/C1

Min 1 year of experience in similar roles




Monday through Sunday with two days off (rotative)

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