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Bogotá, Colombia

Job Type

Full Time / 100% On Site

Job Description

The real-time WFM analyst is responsible for monitoring and managing call center activities in real-time to ensure compliance with service level agreements (SLAs) and optimize workforce productivity, making real-time adjustments to staffing levels and schedules to meet fluctuating call volumes and service demands


Duties & Responsibilities

  • Monitor call volumes, queues, and other floor metrics in real-time, identifying trends and potential issues to suggest and implement improvement actions

  • Create and maintain daily, weekly, and monthly schedules for advisors based on historical data and call forecasts

  • Make real-time adjustments to workforce planning and schedules, such as overtime or schedule changes

  • Analyze historical and real-time data of key metrics to suggest improvements and resource optimization


  • Bachelor's degree and/or professional in Engineering, Management, or related fields

  • Over 2 years of experience in BPO contact centers, preferably in sales environments

  • Experience in using workforce management software and Excel

  • Knowledge of industry best practices in the contact center industry

  • Experience with contact center technology such as IVR

  • English proficiency at level B2 or higher


  • 42 hours

  • 2 days off

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