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Sales Advisor

Bogota, Colombia

Job Type

Full Time/100% On Site

Job Description

Join our team as a Sales Associate! Drive revenue targets, seal deals, and uncover new sales opportunities. With a focus on maximizing sales potential, you'll match products to customer needs, maintain adherence to schedules and quality standards, and continually enhance your skills through training.

If you have excellent communication skills, Inbound sales experience, and a commitment to customer confidentiality, we want you! High school diploma required, with fluency in English and Spanish. Rotating shifts, 42 hours per week. Apply now!


Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Facilitate sales of all products and services according to the client's needs, following the established procedures

  • Assist and guide customers with all the required knowledge of the services and goods

  • Analyze the client's requirement after conversation with them and recommend products, plans or services that will match their needs

  • Ensure premium level of client satisfaction in one phone call

  • Maintain a proper adherence with the schedule provided

  • Follow the quality criteria structured by the company

  • Attend the training and meetings suggested by the company to improve role skills

  • Follow each and every policy of the company


  • High school diploma

  • English Level: C1 or C2 (90%)


  • Monday through Sunday (Rotative)

Skills and Specifications:

  • Experience advising clients for the acquisition of technology products

  • Excellent communication skills, both english and spanish, including verbal with proper grammar

  • Good computer skills

  • Able to keep customer confidentiality


  • High school diploma or equivalent.

Working hours: 42h per week

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