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Sales Supervisor

Bogotá, Colombia

Job Type

Full time / 100% on site

Job Description

Responsible for leading and managing a team of sales representatives to achieve sales targets and deliver exceptional customer service. Will provide guidance, coaching and support to their team to ensure consisten growth in sales performance and contribute to the overall success of the sales department.



  • Supervise, train and motivate a team of sales representatives

  • Set clear performance expectations and goals for the team

  • Monitor individual and team sales performance against targets

  • Identify areas of improvement and implement actions plans to enchance sales results

  • Analyze sales and trends to make informed decisions and recommendations

  • Provide ongoing coaching, feedback, and professional development opportunities to team members

  • Prepare and submit regular reports on sales activities, results and forecasts


  • Bachelor´s degree in business marketing or a related field (or equivalent experience)

  • Proven experience in sales

  • Previous experience in supervisory or team leadership role

  • Ability to work under pressure and adapt to a fast-paced environment


42 hours per week

2 days off

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